Best practices to optimize your Google Ads campaigns

1. Monitor your CTR continuously: The higher your click-through rate, the more relevant your ad is.
- CTR for Google Search: over 5
- The CTR for Google Shopping: over 1
- CTR for Google Display: above 1.5
- CTR for YouTube Ads: above 1.2 %

2. Pay attention to your quality level
the correlation between the purchased keyword and your ad,
the correlation between the content of your landing page and your ad,
speed and optimization of your site.

3. Take full advantage of ad extensions.
When well used, they bring quality to the ad by adding detail and more visibility, they should not be underestimated. The extensions implemented must above all correspond to the needs of Internet users.

4. Take advantage of Google's different audience types
With the data provided by Google, you can create different types of audiences based on demographics, affinity, or intent.

5. Take advantage of the many advertising networks: Search, Shopping, Display, Youtube and Discovery.
All these networks are available to you. Combined strategies can sometimes be very effective.




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